What does the Communication Studio look like today and why did you choose to create a digital inhouse team?
– Today we work with external agencies, in essence creating more traditional marketing material. However, we see the limits of working in this way. To be relevant for our customers and create unique, value adding content, we need to work much tighter, integrating the creators with marketing, communications and our digital channels.

You are a leader in bearings and rotating equipment performance, but what challenges does SKF face in terms of digital communication?
– We need to rethink why, how and what content we create. There are a lot of activities and initiatives, so we are not starting from scratch but we need to reshuffle to match the customer journey, be outside-in and create a pull.

SKF operates in many countries, so are you looking to create a team with an international background?
– As we are active in over 115 countries and more than 40 industries, it is key that the team members have international experiences and understanding. All markets and customers are different – no size fits all.

If you would mention one personal skill that is important and mutual to the entire team, what would it be?
– Result oriented in a clever way. Build on what we have, and make things work to create a winning customer journey. 

All job openings will be available on jerrie.se, please contact Helene Hagman for further questions.