Det här tror vi på

Vi är övertygade om att den här branschen inte bara kan, utan ska bli annorlunda. Så vi gjorde som många före oss – satte oss ner och skrev ett ”Mission Statement”. Mitt i natten. Och på engelska. Lite frenetiskt. Som man gör, när man verkligen brinner för någonting.

“First of all, there’s a few things you need to know about scouting. It’s not about headhunting and it’s not about flattering people. It’s not about finding a candidate as fast as possible. And it’s not about keeping a stockpile of talents.

It’s about common courtesy. It’s about treating people the way they deserve to be treated regardless of whether they end up in first place, last or as a runner-up. It’s about analyzing and evaluating. Or, to put it very simply, it’s about understanding the table as a whole before bringing someone to it.

We’ve seen candidates abused for years, and we’ve heard every other company promise the abuse will end. Sadly, it hasn’t. So enough is enough. In all fairness, none of those companies can really be held responsible for the way they deal with candidates. They never actually stood a chance at reviving this business. And here’s the simple reason why.

It’s impossible to give a candidate at this level the best possible treatment unless you have the best consultants. And it’s impossible to have the best consultants if you don’t offer them a way to evolve and excel. We do that.

It makes sense right? It’s just plain logic. Think of it as a burger –just knowing the ingredients won’t make you the best chef in town. No, what matters is how you combine them. What sets us apart is the way we use the tools that everyone has. It’s really that simple.

Because it’s a funny thing about potential. It really doesn’t care about age, gender or background. It simply has a way of rising to the top. We know this because we make it happen every day. And yes, it might seem uncharacteristically boastful to point that out, but it’s the truth. We’ve worked at the top of this particular food chain for several years, and now we’re going to be the best at this level too, doing what we do best – conducting a process so well crafted that even those who don’t get the job will be just as content and satisfied as those who do.

We’ve decided to call this talent scouting. And its potential is infinite.”

Gothenburg 2011