What was it about Greenbyte that made you want to apply?

For me it´s very important to work for a company which is willing to improve the state of the world. Our vision at Greenbyte is to live in a sustainable world powered by renewable energy. I think that the transition from fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas towards renewable energy sources like wind and solar will be crucial in the 21st century and is not just one of the biggest challenges but also one of the biggest business opportunities humanity has ever seen. I want to contribute to this process and Greenbyte immediately caught my attention with their approach of being the ”data hub for renewables” and the international work environment they offer. I always was interested to live abroad and work for a dynamic start-up company in the digital space. Greenbyte was just a perfect fit.

You moved from Germany to Gothenburg, have you noticed any business oriented cultural differences?

To be honest, not really. In my experience, people in both countries are well organized, punctual and quite efficient in their daily work. What I really like here in Sweden is that company structures seem less hierarchical and you really feel that companies care about their employees. Greenbyte, for example, is offering free coffee and food to its employees and regularly organizes Gigawatt-Parties when we hit a new installation milestone.

Where does your passion for green energy come from?

As mentioned above, I think that green energy is absolutely crucial to slow down climate change and to preserve our world as we know it. We are now entering an exponential growth phase of renewable energy generation on a global scale and it is super exciting to experience this in your everyday work. Green energy has not only ecological benefits, it has also very attractive long-term economic benefits for society and is democratizing energy access to everyone. Did you know that the poorest countries in the world are actually the sunniest ones? They will have the cheapest energy of all countries in the near future since prices for electricity generation for both wind and solar have decreased significantly – and will continue to do so.

You have been a Greenbyter for about 1 year, what have you been doing so far?

I´m part of the Customer Success Management Team and our job is to enable our customers to get the most out of our product. We provide them with online and offline training, handle commercial requests like creating offers for new installations and communicate their product requests internally with our software engineers. Furthermore, I attended several wind and solar exhibitions in Bilbao, Munich and Hamburg. I also was able to do so called ”learning lunches”, a presentation in front of all my colleagues to talk about certain topics – in my case it was Energy Market Trends and Satellite Technology for Renewables. In November last year, we hosted our Greenbyte Forum in Gothenburg and my CSM colleagues helped to organized the event, invited customers and performed presentations.

What does 2020 look like for Greenbyte?

We have very ambitious plans and want to grow our installed capacity of renewable energy assets further. We recently introduced our GB Marketplace where third party developers can create applications to meet our customers need and we are pushing hard to make this a success. In addition to energy generating technologies like wind and solar, we are also looking into battery storage now and how we can add value for our customers in this field. Our goal is to become the premium brand when it comes to renewable energy asset management and there are many challenges we have to solve and everybody in the team is working on. Exciting times in 2020 and beyond.